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2 Apr 2013

Living room TARDIS by RelativeDimensions

This is a pretty neat build of a TARDIS for the living room. It’s even bigger on the inside, since it’s back is built onto the doorway of the next room. Soon after I began the console,
19 Mar 2013

Doctor Who Tardis and Robin Dictionary Art Print

These prints, while such a super simple idea, always seem to turn out super cool. This one is a printed page from a vintage dictionary with a TARDIS from Doctor Who, and a robin on top. The
20 Feb 2013

Doctor Who Crochet Patterns

Like Doctor Who? Want to have your own set of Doctors? Well on craftyiscool.blogspot.ca you can see the entire set, plus a crochet TARDIS! The best part is the patterns are available on ravelry.com or etsy.com. Sadly,