He Man and the Masters of Grade School by Patrick Ballesteros

He Man has never looked so adorable.

Castle Grade School - He Man Print

I’ve never described anything He Man related as “cute” before. But these guys all look so cute. Even the super sulky Skeletor. I think that Patrick Ballesteros really nailed this picture perfectly. Every one of the villains looks exactly like their 3rd grade counterpart should.

If you’re at Comic-Con right now, you should be able to grab yourself a copy of this.. somewhere. I wish I could have been there, it sounds like a blast!

Yearbook pictures were always a blast, mostly for the students but I felt bad for the teacher that always had to wrangle us in. This is my take on what a yearbook picture would be for these tiny “Masters of the Classroom.” This print measure 12″x18″ and is $20. I will have a limited amount at the con but not to worry, if you cannot make it out to San Diego you can always preorder it online by clicking below.

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