Spiderman Fan Art – Dan Burgess

Spiderman Fan ArtI’ve always been a fan of the Spiderman franchise. Although I haven’t owned many of the actual comics myself, I have watched a LOT of the 80s animated series. Not to mention the 3 Sam Raimi movies.

My personal favourite “version” of Spiderman was the 90s comic “Spiderman 2099”. There was just something cool about the suit that the original Spiderman just didn’t seem to have. Sleek and stylish where the original was just too.. cartoony.

While I’ve always considered him to be one of the more goody-goody of the super hero’s, I think that if peter parker were ever to turn “to the dark side” as it were, this picture by Dan Burgess would capture him perfectly.

I love the way he’s captured the menace and the suit so well. I’m sure super villains would think twice about their work if they new this character was waiting for them in the shadows.

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