Video Games Archive

13 Aug 2014

Super Mario Potted Piranha Plants

If you’re like me, when it comes to keeping real plants alive in the house, you’re just not interested. I don’t like to constantly water, or figure out how much or little a plant needs to keep
31 Jul 2014

Duck Hunt Pinball Machine

I freaking LOVE pinball machines. I even recall when I was very little having one in my basement. I have no idea what happened to that delightful thing, but having a working pinball machine in my house
25 Jul 2014

Paper Mario Animation by Jeremiahjw

I love the Paper Mario series. The gamecube version was awesome. The Wii game, less so (in my opinion). Not because it wasn’t a good game. It was. I just prefer the turn based combat of the
23 Jul 2014

Nintendo 64 End Table by Kgrewe

Although the N64 is certainly not my favourite Nintendo system out there, it did have a seriously kick butt logo. And this Nintendo 64 end table is just about one of the coolest ways I can think
21 Jul 2014

Super Mario Cake by CakeCrumbs

2 things I love are now combined into one! I love Super Mario Bros. I love cake. And I absolutely love this Super Mario cake! I can’t believe how much time and effort it took CakeCrumbs to
17 Jul 2014

Super Smash Time by JoeHoganArt

I love Smash Bros. I love Adventure Time. So how could I not love this crossover art. So what time is it?  It’s Super Smash Time!  I think my favourites are the BMO MegaMan and the Lumpy
20 Jun 2014

Ocarina of Time Soap by DigitalSoaps

Looking for the nerdiest way to get clean? Then be sure to check out this Ocarina of Time Soap by DigitalSoaps! It looks so much like the original Nintendo 64 cartridge that I can’t easily tell the
21 Mar 2014

DIY Minecraft Glowstone by Kipkay

Minecraft Glowstone Looking for a simple(ish) craft for the minecraft fan in your house? Then this Minecraft glowstone is just the thing! There is of course the electronic parts, but those are available on Kipkays website for
21 Mar 2014

Playable Gameboy Cosplay by MidgarZolom

MidgarZolom has created a playable gameboy cosplay that is truly amazing! Using a Rasberry Pi as it’s heart, he’s put together an actual person sized gameboy that you can play. It even lets you swap out cartridges!
27 Sep 2013

Nintendo 64 Tron Skin

This Nintendo 64 Tron Skin is too cool for old school. Sadly I never play mine anymore, since the only games I’d still pick up on it would be ocarina of time or 007, and I can