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5 Apr 2013

Giant NES Controller by Thisissafety

Looking for a way to force playing Super Mario Bros. two player? Well look no further. Thisissafety over at instructables has made some instructions on how to make a Giant NES Controller for you and your friends.
3 Apr 2013

Space Invaders Bag by Pootlebeetle

Got a love of space invaders? Then check out this cool crochet bag made by Pootlebeetle over at I’ve been thinking about what to do with all my sewing gear, and I may do something along
1 Apr 2013

Super Metroid – Depths of Tourian – Fan Art – By Elemental79

One of my all time SNES games is Super Metroid. It’s one of the few snes games that I not only beat, but beat multiple times in order to get the different endings. I watched the entire
31 Mar 2013

Bullet Bill Rocket by Seamster

Have you ever been killed by a Bullet Bill and thought “Man, I’d like to punch him right into space”. Well now’s your chance. Seamster over at instructables has put together a set of instructions on how
19 Mar 2013

Pac-Man ukulele (paculele) by Celentano Woodworks

If you’ve got $700 to spend, and have a love of both Pac-man (and who doesn’t) and the Ukulele, then I’ve found just the thing for you. The Paculele. Of course, if you’re like me and don’t
18 Mar 2013

Legend of Zelda – Skyward Sword – Animated Cake

It’s more like a diorama than a cake, since it’s largely inedible. But regardless, this Legend of Zelda cake takes the… cake. With multiple levels, some animatronics and a cool lightbox in the middle, this is probably
16 Mar 2013

Creating Helmets and Armor from Videogames for Fun and Profit!

I’m going to file this one under “I have to do this some time soon”. I recently finished skyrim. Or at least 95% of skyrim thanks to one bad decision on the daedric quests, and deciding not
16 Mar 2013

Woodgrain Atari 2600

How do you take something that’s already pretty retro, and make it have that “vintage” feel to it? Make it out of wood of course. That’s exactly what retro_mood has done with his ebay auction. Retro for
16 Mar 2013

Zelda Life Size Papercraft by Minidelirium

What takes 226 hours, is the coolest thing I’ve seen this month (and I’ve been looking for cool things) and was given to a stranger for free by a deviant artist? A life-sized zelda paper craft of
2 Mar 2013

Super Mario Bros – Fish Tank

I am not a fish person in the slightest. I had one, the I got another one, and they both died. That’s about the extent of my fish owning experience. Seeing this video made me consider (albeit