How to Sew Pixel Art by Lunatrix

If you ever want to make your own pixel art out of fabric, but weren’t sure exactly how to make that happen, then Lunatrix has got you covered.

These step by step instructions are pretty clear and easy to follow, although I wish there was a picture for this part. It doesn’t make clear sense in my head when reading the how-to, but perhaps it’ll make more sense when I actually go to make this happen:

Flip it over to the back side again. Now, using those nice, pointy, sharp scissors cut into the seam allowance at each of the intersections using the grid lines as a guide.

I had never heard of a fusible grid before, so I’ll be sure to pick some up when (and if) I decide to make my own fabric pixel art.

How to Sew Pixel Art

When I originally started making these my goal was to make a quilt, but I am a very impatient person and I wanted to use my awesome pixel art NOW! So the idea transformed into making smaller panels that could be used for smaller projects. And besides, you can’t really show off a quilt when you are walking down the street!

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