Adventure Time Papercrafts by Emily McLain

Oh. My. Glob!

These Adventure Time papercrafts are incredible. They really capture the characters bang on, and look simple enough that it looks like they could be done super quick. I’ll definitely have to send a request to get the pattern for some of these, since I think they’d make a pretty cool vlog entry.

Adventure Time Paper Craft

I’ve made no effort to hide my love of Adventure Time. It’s just such an awesome show. I love the characters, and the story lines while crazy, are super fun to watch. I even occasionally feel bad for the Ice King. At least I do right up until he does something completely evil again (Poor Gunter)

An ongoing personal project creating papercrafts out of my favorite characters from the cartoon Adventure Time. (Disclaimer: I don’t own Adventure Time. This is a personal project and no profit is being made!)

The initial 3D model of the character is made and colored in Cinema 4D, converted into a printable pattern using Pepakura Designer, with final adjustments in Photoshop. Printed on basic printer paper and constructed with regular Elmer’s glue.

The goal is to not only make it look like the character, but also to make the pattern simple enough that it could be easily remade by other people. Patterns are available on request! (send me an email at:

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