Perler Bead Sprites by Whitney

I’m no n00b when it comes to Perler beads. I even made one of my Geek & Sundry Vlogs about it. Whitney from autostraddle though has put together a fantastic article about them that offers a lot of useful tips and also has a bunch of ideas for those looking into getting started with Perler Beads.

There really is an endless possible list of things you can do with them too. Especially for those of us who truly love the old school 8 bit games, we can re-create the characters from our childhood with ease. And who doesn’t want that?

Perler Beads

One of the activities I’m really excited about is Perler Bead Sprites, where we make video game sprites of notable characters and objects in video games and various fandoms out of perler beads. Remember perler beads? They’re those plastic beads that you arrange in patterns, iron them with some paper and a hot iron and the beads fuse together into a unified masterpiece. It’s like elementary school craft time all over again, except that you can wield the hot iron yourself.

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