Living room TARDIS by RelativeDimensions

This is a pretty neat build of a TARDIS for the living room. It’s even bigger on the inside, since it’s back is built onto the doorway of the next room.

Doctor Who living room TARDIS

Soon after I began the console, I took it into my head to build a TARDIS/Police Box. This project was to consume much of my little spare time until July 2000. The Console was pretty much on hold during this time.

Unfortunately I took very few photographs during the construction (I guess I’m just shy).

The Doctor and Romana on a beach I decided to make my TARDIS as accurate to the Season 18 prop as possible. The BBC prop was fibre-glass by this point in its history. The earlier ones (there were several, apparently) had been wooden, but doubtless the production team were fed up with moving it around, as it would have been very heavy. I wanted one that seemed authentic to be around, so I decided to make mine very solidly out of wood. As a result it is not very portable, and is designed to come apart in sections, partly to get it through doorways, but also because it’s too heavy to lift in one piece. As it turns out even the separated sections are so heavy that I need help to move them.

I also wanted my TARDIS to look good on the inside. A real Police Box has flat walls on the inside, but I didn’t like the look, so I repeated the exterior detailing inside – twice as much work, but I’m happier with the result.

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