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23 Jul 2013

Hit Girl’s Detachable Sword by Man at Arms

Every time I see an episode of Man at Arms, I’m blown away. This weeks take on Hit Girl’s detachable sword (from Kickass 2) turned out just as awesome as usual. Sadly after every episode, I long
23 Jul 2013

Weasley Family Clock by GinnyLovegood1

This simply craft lets you create your very own Weasley family clock. It’s basically just a template you cut out, and attach together with some tape (although I’d recommend a glue stick for the faces) and a
22 Feb 2013

Rule 63 – Two Face Makeup

Two-Face is one of the most notorious Batman villains. Created when Harvey Dent is involved in an acid attack Two-Face spreads good or evil based on the flip of a coin. I don’t understand italian, so I’m